Residential Electric

At Pro Electrician, we offer a full array of quality electrical services for your home. Whether you need to have a new electrical outlet installed or you need wiring for your HVAC system, we have the trained service technicians who can get the job done right. We not only provide electrical service for routine jobs, like the installation of a ceiling fan or running electricity to a finished attic, but we can also install a dedicated line for your computer equipment or help you automate your home for better efficiency. When it comes to any type of electrical job, it’s always best to leave it to one of our experienced technicians. They are highly trained and licensed, so you can rest assured you will always get quality work for the safety of your home and family.

Commercial Electric

As a leading electrical contractor, we can handle all of the commercial electric work you need. We are happy to be a trusted commercial electrical contractor for businesses of all sizes in the Fort Lauderdale area. Our services include:

• Installation of Automatic Standby Generators
• Commercial and Industrial Wiring
• 24/7 Electrical Repairs and Service
• Full Lighting Audits
• Industrial Controls
• Electrical Service for Remodeling and Renovation Projects
• Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Projects of all Sizes
• Maintenance Agreements
• Lighting Installation for Parking Lots

If you need any other type of electrical service, just let us know. At Pro Electrician, we pride ourselves on providing the quality electrical service our commercial clients need.

Security & Outdoor Lighting

At Pro Electrician, we know that outdoor lighting is an effective way to deter crimes, such as home invasions, robberies, and vandalism. Of course, outdoor lighting can also add a beautiful touch to the exterior of your home. We can help you with all of your security and landscape lighting needs.

Whole Home Generators

As a leading electrical contractor for homeowners throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, we know how unpredictable the weather can be in South Florida; we also know how devastating it can be to lose power. Whether it’s a hurricane or other severe weather, making sure that you have a backup power source is important. We can install a home generator to help ensure you always have the electrical power you need.

Electrical Panels & Breakers

If you live in an older home, chances are you have an electrical panel that isn’t equipped to handle the electrical needs of an active family. From computer equipment to high-efficiency HVAC systems, hot tubs, and home entertainment systems, the demands on your breakers and electrical panels might be more than they’re able to handle.

At Pro Electrician, we take pride in every job we do. We can inspect your circuit breakers to see if they are in top working condition. We can also test the amperage going into a circuit in order to ensure your electrical system is able to keep your home and family safe. If you have a circuit that is not functioning properly, an unexpected power surge could fry the circuit, posing a threat to your electronics as well as the risk of fire.

Let one of our experienced electricians check our circuits and ensure your home is protected.